Your security? Our responsibility.

It is a fundamental need of every human being to feel secure and to be protected.

It means more well-being and peace of mind and above all more security for you and your loved ones.

We are responsible for your security. That is why our specialists, in collaboration with the response units and the police, have developed a system for assessing your level of protection against break-ins.

During that process we assess, with you, the measures to be taken to secure your home or business.

At that stage, we look for and assess the weak points. We will then suggest mechanical, electronic and organisational measures.

Take the first step right now. Ask for your free personalised security design!

Have we got you thinking?

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Our security design is free and does not commit you to anything.

Our expert will assess your needs free of charge and will suggest an effective tailor-made security solution.

As soon as our solution is in operation, you can go out with your mind at rest. Securitas Direct is looking after what you hold dear.