FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need for the alarm system to operate?

An electricity connection for the alarm station and an IP connection to transmit alarms. The alarm signals may also be transmitted through an integrated GSM module.

Can the design be modified (extension, moving a component)?

Yes. The components can easily be moved and the design can be modified at any time. Just contact our customer services.

Is a lot of work needed to the building in order to install the alarm system?

No. In general wireless components are installed, with therefore a minimum of installation work to the building. If a wired system proves necessary for technical reasons, it takes longer.

Is the alarm system going to change my routines?

No. Our solutions are tailored to users and their needs.

How long does it take to install the alarm system?

Our systems are quick and simple. As a general rule they are installed in a day.

Operating the alarm system

Is the system complicated to operate?

No. The keypad means you can operate the system by pressing buttons, and it can be deactivated with a user code.

Can third parties see photos of the rooms with CCTV?

No. Photos are only transmitted if the system is activated and if the corresponding detector has detected movement. It is technically impossible to access the photos unless the alarm has gone off.

What is a "user code"?

he user code enables you to activate and deactivate the alarm system.

How does the personal attack code work?

If a criminal forces you to deactivate the alarm system, you have a special user code which enables you to transmit the threat secretly. In such an event, the alarm system is deactivated normally. The same time, a silent alert signal is triggered and transmitted to the response centre. The centre then triggers immediate intervention by the local police.

Qu‘entend-on par code d’identification?

C’est un code personnel qui permet aux employés de notre centre d’intervention de vous identifier lors des contacts téléphoniques.

Can pets trigger an alarm?

There are special pet-compatible motion detectors. Speak to our security consultant about it, he or she will be pleased to give you information.

Is there a way of knowing who activated or deactivated the system and at what time?

Yes. Contact our customer services if you have a specific request.


How long does it take for attendance on site?

Thanks to our detector camera which is the only one of its kind, the police can be alerted immediately in the event of a genuine break-in. The security team acts on your behalf and has authority to resecure the building and reset the alarm system.

What tasks does the security team carry out during an attendance?

In the event of an alarm, the security team attends on site. It carries out a patrol around the building and then a monitoring patrol through the various parts of the building, to ascertain the cause of the alarm. It is familiar with the premises from the call out plan. If necessary, it makes the building secure. Thanks to our unique video transmission, the police can be called directly where applicable.

What is a panic alarm?

Pressing the panic button causes a panic alarm to be transmitted. For your safety, this is a silent alert signal. As soon as the response centre has received this signal the local police are called immediately.

What are the costs associated with a call out?

For non-business customers, there are two free call outs each calendar year. Additional call outs and call outs for SMEs are invoiced at the rate in force on the date of the call out.


Can I take my existing alarm system with me to my new premises?

Because each building is different, it is not possible to install an identical system. When our customers move, we offer them a new alarm system on preferential terms. Our security consultants will be pleased to give you information about this.

How should I inform Securitas Direct of amendments to my contract?

In writing, by recorded delivery letter, to our head office. For security reasons, communications or amendments relating to the contract will only take effect if we receive them in that way.

How should I inform Securitas Direct of changes to my personal details?

In writing, by recorded delivery letter, to our head office, no later than 3 working days before you want the change to take effect.

Can I suspend my alarm system contract?

Yes. The service may be interrupted, for example when building work is being carried out at your premises. However, the interruption must last at least three months. Please make your request in writing.

Do I need to tell you when I am away?

No. Our service operates without limitation, even when you are away.

Do I need to tell Securitas Direct about changes to my telephone line?

Yes. The response centre must be informed immediately of any change which may affect proper operation of the alarm system. The staff at the response centre will then tell you about the tests to be carried out to check the system.

Do I need to tell Securitas Direct about building work at my premises?

We recommend that you discuss building work with our staff at the response centre in advance to ensure that the alarm system operates properly.


If there is a fault in the alarm system, how long does it take for a technician to come out?

Maintenance is included in our monthly charge. The alarm system flags the need for maintenance automatically and promptly.

When can I contact the alarm handling centre?

You can contact the alarm handling centre staff at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Still have questions about our alarm system or your security?

If you have not found the answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact us!