A safe? Absolutely, but with our partner!

Our expertise in the security field has naturally brought us into contact with other top ranking actors.

When our customers ask for the name of a supplier of safes, we recommend WALDIS.

This renowned Swiss company has developed safes which really are burglar-proof, and to prove it, the company guarantees its safes against break-in for 30 years!

It is the only company in the world which gives a warranty of that kind.

All WALDIS safes are certified products which provide the highest levels of resistance to break-in in their grade.

Do you want to buy a safe for your home or business? Contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

WALDIS safes

WALDIS offers a huge range of products

  • Safes
  • Security doors
  • Strong rooms
  • Fireproof strong rooms
  • Safes for hotel rooms
  • Accessories and locks