Easy-to-use security

When you are running an SME, you know that the slightest interruption of the value creation process makes your customers stressed and puts your business in a difficult situation.

With more than 90 burglaries a day in Switzerland, no business is safe from the unpleasant surprise of a “visitor”.

But besides that intrusion into your premises, it is essential to safeguard your assets (IT, customer files, cash, products and equipment) to ensure continuity of business.

Securitas Direct enables you to secure your premises simply and effectively.

Our alarm systems are reliable and easy to use, even for a large number of users.

As soon as you activate your security solution, you can leave the premises with peace of mind.

Make the most of life. Relax. Securitas Direct is keeping watch.

Secure your business

Our latest generation alarm systems mean you can activate them with a single touch.

The minute you close, all your premises, warehouses, offices and garages are secured with a simple action.

If a sensor is triggered, it sends an alarm signal to our centre and the 100 dB siren goes off.

The response procedure is implemented immediately (7 days a week, 24 hours a day).

With Securitas Direct, you protect your business effectively with a simple touch.