A comprehensive solution, offering a wide range of options


Our solution is a carefully crafted blend of services and cutting-edge technology. Designed to meet your home security needs, it integrates seamlessly with your daily habits and lifestyle.

Learn about Securitas Direct home security alarm system options

Modular, sophisticated design and easy to use

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Compatible with pets

We deploy our latest technologies to watch over your family, while allowing your pet to roam freely in your home. In the event of an alarm, our "double-check" method is activated and our Alarm Center ensures that everything is in order. Our specialist will advise you on the restrictions to be applied.


Deter - protect - recognize - alert - act and intervene

Our solution offers you what you are looking for: peace of mind ALL IN ONE service is the backbone of our solution and forms a perfect synergy with technology. One cannot work without the other.


Your alarm system in the palm of your hand


Our home security system includes the Securitas Direct App, an application that allows you to control your alarm system remotely from your smartphone or tablet at any time.

What can you do with the app?

  • Turn the home security alarm system on and off
  • Activate the night mode
  • View the status of the system

Double advantage!

Take advantage of our seasonal offer: a discount proportional to the size of your system.

Special offer

based on a multi-step approach

High-quality services


A complete solution

Concept, material and installationfrom CHF 2,190one-off payment
  • Security check and personal counseling
  • Professional installation and instructions
  • Deterrent stickers
  • Innovative technology and sophisticated design
  • Smartphone app
  • Order Table
  • Optional detection of intrusion, fire, water, SOS, power failure and air quality
  • Cameras included in the intrusion detection system

Price without tax



Subscription to services

Your subscriptionfrom CHF 2.70 per dayexcl. VAT / monthly subscription
  • Constant Deterrence
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Siren for attempted break-in
  • Immediate detection and forwarding of alarms and SIM communication costs included
  • Analysis of break-in alarms and photos for rapid intervention
  • Intervention with police and Securitas (2 free interventions per year)
  • 3-year extended warranty offer
  • Lifetime maintenance and free battery replacement
  • 24-hour phone support

excl. VAT / monthly subscription

Your advantages

in brief

Peace of mind first

Above all, our customers want peace of mind. Protect your loved ones under all circumstances.

Professional installation

Would you trust an online shop to repair your car? The same goes for your safety.

Personalized counseling

There are many options available. Make the right decision with the help of good counseling.

Technological innovation and aesthetics

With its sophisticated design, the system can be conveniently controlled remotely via app.


With Securitas Direct adhesives, deterrence is a key pillar of the security system.

The best price!

The Securitas Direct solution offers the best value for money compared to other alternatives such as security cameras or mechanical security devices. Compare for yourself to make sure of it!

App and convenience

Control the system from anywhere with your app, improve air quality, simulate your presence, and turn on a controlled outlet to increase daily comfort.

Modular solution

Theft, fire, water damage, power outage, household risks or air quality- our solution covers all needs.

Immediate response and intervention

Reacting promptly to alarm activation is an essential step. Therefore, 24-hour alarm monitoring and immediate action in your absence are of utmost importance.

Customer Club

Benefit from 24-hour service, maintenance and two Securitas interventions per year. Our customer club also offers you attractive benefits with products specially selected for you and constant advice.

Easy to use

Our systems, developed especially for residential areas, are remarkably easy to use. Just press a button to activate the system, whether you are away or during the night.

Scalable according to your needs

Our needs change over the course of a lifetime. Our solutions are designed to adapt to these generational changes. We are here to accompany you at every stage of your life, offering the right answers.

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