How to make your choice?


The home security market is very complex, offering a wide range of choices. While we are convinced of the effectiveness of our solution, it is essential that everyone can form their own opinion by comparing the various options at hand.

What home security solutions are available in the market?

Home security systems by Securitas Direct

To ensure your peace of mind, a discreet, effective and proactive solution is essential.

It must not only detect any incident, but more importantly ensure a rapid and appropriate response. An alarm control panel is designed to instantly recognize any alarm signal, at any time, and mobilize the necessary resources depending on the nature of the incident.

It protects against break-ins, fires, water damage , and household accidents. This all-in-one solution aims to DISSUADE, PROTECT, DETECT, SIGNAL, ACT, and INTERVENE. An absolute advantage, especially when you are away from home or sleeping.

Unconnected home security systems

You have just invested in a home security alarm system or cameras that are not connected to an alarm panel. Notifications are sent directly to your phone.

Just imagine: you are on vacation and as soon as you get off the plane an alarm informs you that your home has been broken into. What if the break-in happened during the flight, when you were unreachable? Alone in the airport, you are helpless. What if it happened while you were sleeping, on a business trip, in a meeting, or even just on a bike ride?

At first glance, these systems seem attractive. But in reality, they can be ineffective and even deceptive, leaving you alone to deal with the aftermath of an accident - these solutions give you a false sense of security.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly popular and many consider them the ultimate security solution. There is no denying that they offer advantages such as evidence collection, real-time monitoring and a certain amount of peace of mind.

However, they are not the ultimate solution when it comes to protection. An incident captured by a camera is not always followed by concrete action, either in terms of triggering an alarm or taking action. Moreover, if these cameras are equipped with motion detectors, they have the same shortcomings as an unconnected home security alarm system. Even a power failure can disrupt their operation. In addition, their ubiquitous nature can be invasive, as they continuously record people's activities.

Mechanical safety

When used judiciously, mechanical home security can effectively complement an alarm system. It is especially important for targeted uses, such as protecting specific areas like moats or reinforcing key access points. This approach multiplies barriers for burglars, delaying their advance.

It is possible to reinforce each door and window, or even apply a protective film to the glass. Apart from the high cost of these measures, a burglar will always find an opportunity to break in.

Determined and in the absence of an alarm, he will act without being disturbed.


When valuables are present, a safe is a perfect complement to an alarm system, as it greatly increases the time needed to access, for example, jewelry.

However, with the right tools, such as a grinder, a thief might be able to open the safe. Also, in the event of a fire, although a safe may offer protection for a certain period of time depending on the standard of manufacture, this protection is not unlimited. This is why it is so important to have an effective home security alarm system : by quickly signaling any intrusion, it allows the safe to fulfill its role as guardian of your valuable assets.

The different options compared

Not connected cameras and alarms Mechanical home security Safe
Comprehensive security analysis Personalized consulting and professional installation
Dissuasion Securitas Direct warning stickers
App Your security at hand
Full detection Break-ins, fire, water, aggression, SOS
Sensors with camera instantaneous detection
To do by yourself
Immediate response Police and Securitas
No reaction
No reaction
Constant service Maintenance
Support 24/24
Slow down thieves Protects your assets
Warning in case of power outage Intervention in case of absence
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The free initial consultation will provide you with valuable information.

The solutions are many, and making the right choice is not easy.
To evaluate the security of your home or business, choose from the various options offered below:

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