A smart alarm system to protect your business


Our alarm systems protect your company's infrastructure and keep you productive, whatever the circumstances. We're with you 24 hours a day, even when your business is closed and no one else is around.

Focus on your core business, we manage your safety

Your safety is our priority

Breaking and entering

Confidential data is difficult to replace.


Fire damage to property and documents.

Water damage

Flood damage to infrastructure.


Assaults are traumatic - protect your staff

Loss of sales

Productivity reductions after an incident.


Supply and repair costs.

Risk prevention, Instant reaction

We're here for you

Intrusion, fire or water damage can have major intangible consequences, from prolonged waits for insurance claims to the loss of crucial data.

Instant reaction

Our comprehensive security systems not only provide physical protection, but also include a full range of services to ensure instant reaction in the event of an alarm. In this way, we ensure the uninterrupted continuity of your business.

Peace of mind

When you rely on our solutions, you're opting for total peace of mind and uncompromising continuity.

A complete solution designed to meet the needs of your SME

Customized solutions for companies

Every company has its own security needs. That's why we develop a customized solution for every company. We analyze, advise and then design your tailor-made system that takes into account all the particularities of your infrastructure and assets, and protects your business in the best possible way. Our service offering is modular for a customized solution.


Innovative technology

We adopt cutting-edge technological solutions that combine ease of use with aesthetic appeal and discretion. Whatever your needs - burglary, fire, water damage, SOS, cameras or smart home - we have the right answer. What really counts, however, is the service package that goes hand in hand with our technological solutions.

Effective deterrent

An effective system must first and foremost be a deterrent. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with continuous protection, even outside office hours, when your company is no longer under surveillance. A clever balance between preventive stickers and protection of sensitive areas offers you a comprehensive solution with excellent value for money.

Acting and intervening

The essence of a true security solution lies in its ability to react and intervene immediately and at any time. An alarm system is useful when you're asleep or away. That's precisely when you need professional intervention.

Comprehensive service

Full service provides total peace of mind and an experience that gives you a real sense of freedom

  • 24-hour support and remote monitoring

  • Professional analysis of alarm signals

  • Involvement of the police if necessary

  • Maintenance

  • Integrated warranty extension

  • 2 Securitas interventions per year

How does the Securitas Direct method work?

In the event of a break-in, fire or flood, responsiveness is essential. In your absence, efficiency and speed are crucial. We have developed an approach that guarantees optimal detection and immediate reaction.

Signal and deter
Securitas Direct takes preventive action with a simple but effective measure: stickers on doors, windows and mailboxes.
Immediate detection: Protect and detect
When an intruder is detected at your home, the intruder is photographed and the siren goes off.
Alert and act fast
Whether you're away or asleep, an immediate response is essential. We analyze alarm signals and implement a rapid, efficient and coordinated security protocol to ensure your complete peace of mind.
Securitas Direct Zentrale
Intervention is essential because you are away. Securitas intervenes to provide the key, secure the premises and represent your interests in your absence. If necessary, the police can be called in
Our security guards look after your interests when you're away, and secure the premises after the police have left. They orchestrate all on-site interventions, in close collaboration with our experts at the Alarm Center.
In your absence and in agreement with you, we can organize the necessary measures following a break-in, fire or water damage.

Companies with stringent safety requirements place their trust in us.

Thousands of Swiss companies put their trust in our intelligent security solutions and appreciate our contribution to uninterrupted productivity and business continuity. Here are just a few of the companies that have been using our security services for years.

  • Volg
  • valora
  • H&M
  • McDonald
  • Sunrise
  • Zurich
  • SwissBikePark
  • Thömus Logo

"We focus on our core business, leaving Securitas Direct to guarantee security"

An exceptional customer experience worth its weight in gold - Thömu Binggeli, CEO Thömus uses the Securitas Direct solution on a daily basis and can really focus on its priorities.

From CHF 89.- per month!

The price of security for your company


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