Frequently asked questions about alarm systems and break-in protection

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Protection from break-ins

Mechanical protection is an option, but very expensive if you want to protect your home effectively. A smart alarm system is the best solution, ideally in combination with other protective measures, and a police and Securitas call-out in the event of an incident. Plus, an alarm system is really good value for money: at Securitas Direct, the comprehensive security services cost just CHF 3.00 per day.

Essentially everybody who wants to increase their sense of well-being, feeling of security and quality of life, and who would like to know their assets are safe. Every home owner or tenant can benefit from the protection of an alarm system. 

Added value of our solutions

An alarm system from a hardware store cannot be configured to suit your individual security needs, and you have to install the system yourself. Furthermore, an off-the-shelf alarm system is not linked to an alarm receiving centre that responds in the event of an incident. Whereas with Securitas Direct, you will get a tailored security solution that includes the installation, servicing, 24/7 monitoring and numerous other services in one single, worry-free package – and it’s great value for money.

For one thing, an alarm system protects and secures your home and assets. Furthermore, and just as important, an alarm system improves your well-being, sense of security and quality of life. You live safe in the knowledge that your alarm system is protecting your home, even when you’re not there.

Yes. Our systems can be easily adjusted. They can be extended or redimensioned to almost any size.

Protection day and night for everyone in your home
Feeling very safe for a better quality of life
Leaving your home without worrying and enjoying your holiday
All-inclusive subscription without any hidden costs
Scare burglars away to avoid damages
Permanent protection with call-outs from the police and Securitas
Around-the-clock support, servicing and extended warranty

Length of contract and price

No. Compared to mechanical safety devices, it is not expensive. The cost of securing the windows and doors in your home with mechanical devices will quickly add up to over CHF 10,000. On the other hand, an efficient alarm system can be readily bought for around CHF 2,000 and a daily service fee of CHF 3.

We offer a 2-year warranty, and we throw in another 3 years for free, which extends your warranty to 5 years.

You cannot rent the alarm system. We offer you the option of paying for the system over 12 months interest-free or to buy now and pay over 48 months at a moderate interest rate. The services are included in your subscription.

You can pause your subscription if any renovation or extension work on your home is likely to take a long time.

You can cancel your subscription at any time at the end of the month with a notice period of 3 months.

So that you can continue to benefit from our 5-year warranty and the latest system technology, we will install a new system in your new home. At practically the same price you’d pay for removing and re-installing it.

Installation and servicing

There must be a power socket to connect it to the central monitoring station. The wireless alarm system requires a sufficiently strong GSM signal. Plus: When you register for a Securitas Direct service subscription, we professionally install the system and provide the necessary training. This, like numerous other services, is included in your subscription.

The alarm system is permanently linked to our alarm receiving centre. All of the signals are encrypted when they are transmitted. The entire system is tamper-proof, burglars cannot hack the system and the alarm is immediately sounded. The alarm system is furthermore secured against interruptions in power for up to 12 hours with its rechargeable battery. This guarantees the signal is transmitted even if the power goes off.

When you buy an alarm system from Securitas Direct and take out a service subscription, your system will be professionally installed by one of our experienced contract partners in your area – the servicing is also included in the subscription, along with numerous other services.

It takes around half a day to install the system – naturally, a bigger alarm system will take longer. The system is easy to operate and every customer is briefed on how to use it.

Our smart alarm systems automatically alert you when it is time to service them. When we service them, all the detectors are checked and all the batteries and rechargeable batteries are replaced.

Using the system

No, quite the opposite. The alarm system is adapted to fit in with your daily routine. The system is easy to use. It can be activated and disabled at the push of a button.

Yes, you can do this by using different user codes. If you have a specific enquiry, just contact our Customer Services.

Yes you can. You can enter a special code in the controls that disables the alarm system and at the same time, unseen by the burglar, alerts the police. The alert procedure complies with the cantonal regulations.

Trigerring the alarm

A triggered alarm initiates a series of immediate measures. What exactly happens is listed here.

When an alarm is triggered, the Securitas security specialists in the central monitoring station check whether it is a real or false alarm. If it is a break-in, they inform the police immediately and a Securitas officer makes his way to the property to hand the keys over to the police. If it is a false alarm and the home owner is away, the officer will check the entire premises, make sure each room is secured and reset the alarm.

In the event of an attempted break-in, our central monitoring station alerts the police immediately and a Securitas officer makes his way to the property to hand over the keys or secure your home. Thanks to our close collaboration with the police, we guarantee the quickest call-out times.

The smart sensors recognise pets and do not set off the alarm, if there are no more than 2 cats or just one dog weighing 35 kg or less.