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Your haven of peace: protect your home

With Securitas Direct, this can be done with little effort, giving you peace of mind at all times.
Unfortunately, rental or condominium homes are just as vulnerable to burglary as vacation homes, which are often less frequented. In densely populated residential areas, the activity and number of people give thieves an anonymity they know how to exploit. In addition, a fire can also spread very quickly through a house, and water damage may only be noticed when drops fall from the ceiling. Effective protection of your home is not just about detecting an incident, it's about acting quickly and effectively. Securitas Direct smart alarms protect your home not only against burglars, but also against water damage and fire. In the event of burglary, the simple sounding of an alarm puts many would-be thieves to flight. In the event of water infiltration, fire or strong smoke development, highly sensitive sensors detect the danger and alert the intervention center. Effective protection of your home involves more than just detecting an incident: it also means acting quickly and effectively.

A complete solution designed to meet your exact needs


Every need is unique, and options abound. For an informed choice that fits in harmoniously with your habits, good advice is essential. Our specialists will guide you towards tailor-made solutions, guaranteeing top-quality installation. What's more, we support you in using our solutions simply and intuitively.

Innovative technology

We adopt cutting-edge technological solutions that combine ease of use with aesthetic appeal and discretion. Whatever your needs - burglary, fire, water damage, SOS, cameras or smart home - we have the right answer. What really counts, however, is the service package that goes hand in hand with our technological solutions.

Effective deterrent

An effective system must first and foremost be a deterrent. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with continuous protection, whether you're at home, asleep, in the office, on the move, cycling or on vacation. A clever balance between preventive stickers and protection of sensitive areas offers you a comprehensive solution with excellent value for money.

Acting and intervening

The essence of a true security solution lies in its ability to react and intervene immediately and at any time. An alarm system is useful when you're asleep or away. That's precisely when you need professional intervention.




Comprehensive service

Full service offers total peace of mind and an experience that gives you a real sense of freedom

  • 24-hour support and remote monitoring

  • Professional analysis of alarm signals

  • Involvement of the police if necessary

  • Maintenance

  • Integrated warranty extension

  • 2 Securitas interventions per year


From CHF 2.70 per day!

The price of safety for you and your loved ones


Your alarm system in the palm of your hand


Our security system includes the Securitas Direct app, with which you can remotely control your alarm system at any time from your smartphone or tablet.

What can you do with the app?

  • Arm and disarm the alarm
  • Activate night mode
  • View your system status
This system gives me a feeling of security and comfort. I feel better and more serene. The alarm system contributes to my well-being.
Heidi B., Canton Graubünden


  • Always close and fully lock doors and windows.
  • Keep keys in a safe outside your home.
  • Reinforce windows with safety glass, secure doors with additional locks (not necessary with an alarm system)
  • Check electrical outlets and replace faulty cables immediately.
  • Have water-dependent appliances serviced regularly.
  • Simulate presence with lighting.
  • Surveillance through electrical devices.
  • Maintain good neighborly relations. Good neighbors support each other and are more likely to report unusual incidents.
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