Top Fire Hazards in Switzerland

A fire not only causes material damage but also poses a significant threat to health and life. Smouldering fires release copious amounts of smoke, leading to unconsciousness after just a few breaths. Each year, between 13 and 36 people die in fires in Switzerland, and over 8,000 require medical treatment for burns. Lightning strikes, electricity and smoking materials & candles are responsible for around 75% of fires.

Dangers of Candles

Especially during the dark, cold winter months, candles become an integral part of our homes. Picture the warmth of family or friends gathering in the evening, sharing stories, snuggling up, sipping wine, or enjoying some nibbles in the flickering candlelight.
The allure of fire has fascinated people throughout history, and a candle, though a humble flame, creates a sense of well-being and security.

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The Flame Gets Out of Control

However, this seemingly innocuous flame can quickly become uncontrollable. Imagine a cosy evening on the sofa, engrossed in a book or watching TV, when suddenly the doorbell rings or you decide to make a cup of tea. Whether a child calls, the cat wants to be let in or out, or you leave the room for any other reason, even for a brief moment, you unknowingly initiate the risk of it going up flames in a matter of minutes.
Sufficient heat and highly flammable materials can turn a peaceful moment into a dangerous situation, leading to a potential fire outbreak.
Flames have the power to destroy cherished possessions in the blink of an eye. While some items can be replaced, others, unique and irreplaceable, are lost forever in the wake of a fire. Anything spared by flames and smoke risks destruction through the foam and water used to extinguish the fire.

The Aftermath of a Fire

Even when lives are spared, the aftermath of a fire is brutal. Fire and smoke, plus the water, foam, and powder extinguishers all leave their indelible mark. Furniture, electrical appliances, floor coverings, and important documents bear the scars of damage or are completely destroyed. The psychological toll can manifest itself as sleep disorders, anxiety, or even depression.

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A Special Word of Caution for the Festive Season

Did you know that fires are notably prevalent during Advent and the week of Christmas? Each week during this festive period sees up to 70 fires sparked by candles alone – five times more than any other week in the year. This underscores the importance of adopting some preventive and proactive measures.


Candle Safety Tips

  • Always extinguish candles before leaving a room.
  • Exercise extra caution when children or animals are around.
  • Place candles securely on a fireproof surface in an upright position.
  • Make sure to position candles well away from textiles, decorations, or other flammable materials.
  • Tea lights should be placed on a heat-resistant surface due to the heat conductivity of their aluminium holders.
  • If several candles or tea lights are lit, make sure there is a big enough gap between them.
  • Lightning strikes, short circuits, and malfunctioning electrical devices are common fire hazards. Further information on fire protection can be found in our comprehensive guide article.

If There’s a Fire, Every Second Counts!

While preventive measures are crucial, there is no 100% fail-safe protection against fires.

If a fire breaks out, dial 118 right away to alert the fire department. Warn those at risk and only attempt to rescue others and pets without jeopardising your own safety.


Security through Alarm Systems

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