Protection against break- ins – What you need to know

Our valuables are important to us and our private space is sacred. If it is violated during a break-in, we usually suffer considerable damages, but not only in material terms; the psychological effect on victims is usually worse. All the more reason to opt for preventive measures.

Although Switzerland is considered a safe country, statistics have been at a high level for years. A total of 24,010 break-ins were registered in Switzerland in 2020 – this equates to 65 per day or one every 22 minutes. (Source: Police Crime Statistics). Here we explain what makes for good protection against break-ins.

Break-ins in Switzerland

  • When do burglars strike?

    As it starts to get dark early again, the risk of break-ins rises. Since burglars like to hide behind the cloak of dusk, more break-ins occur between December and February. Contrary to what is frequently assumed, these uninvited guests do not come at night, but during the day when no one is at home, and they don’t attract as much attention.
  • Where do burglars strike?

    But it’s not just the seasons that make a difference; the location is also decisive. Break-ins occur more frequently in towns and cities than in rural areas. However, burglars can strike in a more targeted manner in the countryside than in the cities.
    Most burglars in Switzerland prey on private properties as they are not as secure as commercial premises. That’s why it is all the more important for homeowners and tenants to learn about protecting their property against break-ins in order to ensure optimum security.
  • How do burglars strike?

    Since burglars like to take the path of least resistance, doors and windows are prime examples of weak spots that need to be protected. It makes life easier for thieves if these are left open or unlocked. In most cases, burglars use simple tools such as screwdrivers or chisels to gain entry into the house. A burglar who is able to do so without mechanical aids and succeeds in stealing items is known as a sneak thief.
  • What do they steal?

    Although valuables such as watches and jewellery as well as cash are the most popular stolen goods, other items are also taken. Small electronic devices in particular, which practically every household has, are easy to bundle into a bag. But branded clothing and even cigarettes can also be worth stealing.
    But what the burglars leave behind is usually more painful than the loss of what was stolen. A break-in can be a traumatising experience for many people.

5 tips for effective protection against break-ins

1. Secure your weak spots
The entry point you use to access your home will most likely be the same one the burglars try. That’s why you must always close all house and balcony doors properly before leaving your flat or house. You should always lock the doors – even if you’re only gone for a short time. Windows and light shafts in the basement should also be closed or fitted with bars. Special glazing can also be used in windows and doors to improve your protection against break-ins.
2. Don’t help them enter your home
Don’t do burglars any favours by leaving objects around the outside of the house that will help them break in, such as ladders or bins. Even tall trees or hedges next to the house can be used to access upper floors.
3. Protect your valuables
If you keep valuables such as jewellery and cash at home, you should make sure they are sufficiently protected. Safes firmly secured to a surface are a good solution. Alternatively, your valuables can also be stored in a safe deposit box.
4. Protective measures and security systems
Only around 18% of burglaries are solved, which makes prevention all the more important. Whether as a deterrent or in an actual emergency
– security systems are the most effective form of protection against break-ins. At Securitas Direct, we analyse your requirements based on a security check and then draw up a tailored offer with concrete solutions for you.
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5. Pretend you’re at home
Another way to deter burglars is to make them believe you’re in by leaving the lights on in the evening when you’re away, or at least make sure not to give off any signs you’re not at home. Make sure the post doesn’t build up in your letterbox and leave the shutters open whilst you’re away on holiday.
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