Another +16% break-ins in 2023 in Switzerland

Annual Crime Statistics BFS Switzerland

The Swiss crime statistics provide detailed insights into the number and types of break-ins. Theft rates in 2023 reveal worrying trends across different categories, including vehicle thefts, break-ins, and sneak-in thefts. This article focuses on analysing theft data in Switzerland for 2023. You can also read our article from last year on regional differences and perpetrator profiles

Significant increase in break-ins and sneak-in thefts in 2023

2023 witnessed a notable rise on break-ins and sneak-in thefts – a trend that should be concerning for both home-owners and tenants. The total number of these thefts soared to 41,429 cases, marking an alarming increase of 15.94% compared to the previous year (35,700). In 2023, the police recorded a daily average of 114 break-ins or sneak-in thefts, compared to 96 such cases per day the previous year. This figure not only reflects the daunting challenges confronting security services, it also underscores the urgent need for proactive measures.

Trends of the most common types of theft in 2023

Trends of the most common types of theft 2023

The graphic refers to the Police Crime Statistics (PKS) of the Federal Statistical Office (BFS)

Source: Federal Statistical Office: Police crime statistics 2023

Alarming increase in theft rates in 2023

Theft rates surged significantly across multiple categories in 2023 prompting both individuals and businesses to exercise greater caution. Below is a summary of the key trends:

Break-in thefts (+13.13%) and sneak-in thefts (+22.92%):

Both of these related categories experienced significant increases. Installing security systems fitted with motion sensors and surveillance cameras can play a crucial role in deterring and identifying perpetrators in these cases.

Pickpocketing (+26.62%):

A significant increase in this category highlights the need for enhanced vigilance in public areas and during events. People are advised to securely store their valuables and be aware of what is going on around them.

Shoplifting (+22.60%):

Retailers battle the challenge of ensuring their goods are secured more effectively. Technologies like RFID and video surveillance could be essential in combating this kind of theft.

Vehicle break-in thefts (+47.89%) and other types of theft (+59.98%):

These alarming spikes suggest that perpetrators are resorting to more sophisticated tactics. A combination of both physical security measures and digital surveillance has become increasingly essential.

Vehicle thefts (+17.53%)

This category saw a marked increase. Vehicle owners should consider investing in advanced anti-theft systems to protect themselves against this growing threat.

Increase in burglaries per 1000 inhabitants per canton

Increase in burglaries per 1000 inhabitants per canton

The graphic shows the highest relative increases for the following cantons.

Source: Federal Statistical Office: Police crime statistics 2023

Key takeaways by Securitas Direct

These trends underscore the importance of heightened vigilance and investment in improved security systems to protect property. It is a critical time for owners of houses and flats to reconsider and reinforce what security measures they have in place. Our modern security technologies such as alarm systems, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras can play a pivotal role in this regard. Moreover, it is essential to work closely together with local authorities and security services to effectively address these mounting challenges. This is exactly what Securitas Direct’s system offers. As an expert in security systems and protective measures, Securitas Direct’s mission is to ensure you feel at ease, even when you’re not at home

The mission of Securitas Direct, as an expert in security systems and protective measures, is to ensure that you feel safe, even when no one is at home. 




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