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The advantages of a home security alarm system

A complete solution that exactly fits your needs


Each need is unique and the options are numerous. Good advice is essential to make an informed choice that fits harmoniously with your habits. Our specialists will guide you to customized solutions that guarantee a high-quality installation. We will also guide you in the simple and intuitive use of our solutions.

Innovative Technology

We adopt cutting-edge technological solutions that combine simplicity of use with aesthetic appeal and discretion. Whatever your need - break-ins, fire, water damage, SOS, cameras or smart home security - we have the right answer. What really counts, however, is the service package that goes hand in hand with our technological solutions.

Deterrent and effective

An effective system must first and foremost be a deterrent. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with continuous protection, whether you're at home, asleep, in the office, on the move, cycling or on vacation. A clever balance between preventive stickers and protection of sensitive areas offers you a comprehensive solution with outstanding value for money.

Taking action and intervening

The essence of a true home security solution lies in the ability to react and intervene immediately and at any time. An alarm system is useful when you are asleep or not at home. That's precisely when you need professional intervention.




A comprehensive service

Comprehensive service provides you with peace of mind and an experience that gives you a true sense of freedom:

  • 24-hour support and remote monitoring

  • Professional analysis of alarm signals

  • Police call-out if necessary

  • Maintenance

  • Integrated warranty extension

  • 2 Securitas interventions per year


A solution for all

The free initial consultation provides valuable information.

There are many solutions, and making the right choice is not easy.
To evaluate the home security of your home or business, choose from our options below:

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