Burglary statistics for Switzerland: +15% more break-ins in 2022

Burglary statistics for Switzerland

The Crime Statistics for Switzerland 2023 provide information on the number and type of break-ins last year 2022, published annually by the Federal Statistical Office. Break-in and theft statistics are key indicators of crime trends within a country and form part of the overall crime statistics. In this article, we take a closer look at the burglary statistics in Switzerland for 2022.


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Analysis of crime trends for break-ins

The burglary rate in Switzerland in 2023 rose significantly by 15% compared to the previous year. Over 35,000 break-ins and break-in thefts in residential buildings, houses and flats were reported throughout Switzerland. This means, on average, 96 properties in Switzerland are being broken into every per day. The figures for trespassing involving theft (40,500 per year) and shoplifting (just under 20,000 per year) are at an unwelcome high. Burglary offences remain a major issue in Switzerland’s crime statistics, and the police expect this trend to continue.
Theft development
Sneak-in thefts also play an important role in the crime trend, as they are often more difficult to detect than break-ins. Break-in theft and sneak-in theft are two different kinds of burglary. In the case of a break-in theft, the perpetrator breaks into the victim’s house or property to steal items. Whereas sneak-in theft happens when a perpetrator enters the victim’s house or property through an unlocked window and steals items without being noticed. 

Regional variability in burglary offences

The crime statistics also reveal regional variability. The frequency of burglaries varies depending on the region. There are more burglaries in towns and cities than in the countryside. However, break-ins committed in rural areas are often more serious as they usually result in greater material loss. Police warn that the number of serious and violent break-ins remains relatively high.

Perpetrator profile and structures

There are various perpetrator profiles for break-in thefts. These are often organised gangs that specialise in burglaries and break into flats and houses. Even perpetrators acting alone are not uncommon. The perpetrators are often aged between 18 and 30, and usually don’t have prior convictions. What is most noticeable is that burglars mostly target residential areas and not isolated properties. Police advise residents to secure their homes as best as possible and to report anybody suspicious.

Preventive measures help combat crime

Various prevention measures can be taken to stop break-ins. This includes, for example, installing an alarm system, fitting security locks and setting up a neighbourhood watch. Members of the public can also help themselves by, for example, reporting anything suspicious to the police. 
Further improvements in burglary control and prevention are expected moving forwards. Improved cooperation between the police, security service providers like Securitas Direct and the general public, as well as an increase in burglary protection measures can all help prevent break-ins. With our solutions you receive support from our security service in the event of a break-in or an emergency, even if you’re not at home.

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Key takeaways by Securitas Direct

Burglary statistics for Switzerland show that the rate and frequency of burglaries in Switzerland have risen sharply again since Corona. There is regional variability and a wide range of perpetrator profiles. Prevention measures can help reduce the risk of a break-in. As an expert in security systems and protective measures, Securitas Direct’s mission is to ensure you feel at ease, even when you’re not at home. Get in touch with us. We will draw up the ideal security solution for protecting your home. Expert, no-obligation advice.

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