Three in one: Protection against break-ins, fires and water damage

Securitas Direct – more than just an alarm system

Your alarm system protects you against break-ins. But did you know that the smart alarm system from Securitas Direct does much more than just keep the burglars out? Your safety is our top priority.

That is why our alarm systems protect you, your family and even your business against water damage, and provide fire protection you can rely on.


The Securitas Direct alarm system offers you dependable protection against fires

Fire can wreak havoc within minutes. It puts your life, the lives of your loved ones and your belongings at great risk.

The risk of fire lurks everywhere: Whether it’s faulty electrical appliances, candles, cigarettes that fall out of the ashtray, a hob accidentally left on or overheating batteries. Fire devours your property and destroys your home.

The fire department responds to more than 50 call outs every day. Flames can engulf a room in the blink of an eye. Smouldering fires that produce a lot of smoke are especially dangerous. If the smoke is inhaled, the victim will lose consciousness after just a few breaths. If they are sleeping, the shrill sound of the smoke detector’s alarm will abruptly them up – it saves lives.

Brandschutz-Sensor: Frühzeitige Branderkennung für maximale Sicherheit

The most important tips for fire protection:

  • - Do not overload electrical sockets

  • - Avoid using standby mode

  • - Replace damaged cables

  • - Do not leave heat sources (oven, iron, etc.) unattended

  • - Place a guard in front of the fire and wait 48 h for the ashes to cool down.

Being properly prepared can save lives. Don’t take any risks:

  • - Do you have a fire extinguisher and/or fire blanket?

  • - Do you know where all the exits are and do all the other residents/employees also know where they are?

  • - Ensure emergency exit doors are freely accessible at all times

  • - If smoke and fire have been detected, do not use the lift.

But pay attention

Unfortunately, respecting the above measures is not enough to prevent a fire.
Every third incident of fire-related property damage is caused by one of the 200,000 bolts of lightning that strike every year, a damaged battery may explode. In a nutshell: Despite all the precautions and care we take, we can never be 100% safe from the outbreak of a fire.
Securitas Direct provides highly sensitive rapid response sensors that immediately alert our operation centre if smoke starts to build up or a fire breaks out. A shrill alarm alerts you to the danger. If you are sleeping, the alarm wakes you up. This way you avoid inhaling the smoke and can get yourself and your family to safety.
A good feeling, even at night when you sleep.

The Securitas Direct alarm system provides secure protection against water damage

Water is essential for life. But it can also be the cause of major damages. Water damage clean-ups are huge and costly operations. Ruined furnishings, damp walls, and furniture need to be cleaned and technical equipment must be replaced. All the water must be drained from the rooms, which then have to be thoroughly dehumidified to prevent mould from growing.

A burst pipe, leaky boiler or faulty appliance (like a washing machine or dishwasher) are among the most common causes of water damage.

Wasserschutz-Sensor: Effektive Überwachung gegen Wasserschäden

The possible damages and how Securitas Direct can help you

Just imagine coming back from your holidays and opening the door to find your home knee-deep in water. Your parquet flooring is swollen and sandals bob like little boats in the kitchen. It is freezing cold because when the pipe burst, it short-circuited the system, which in turn switched the central heating off. Your thoughts instinctively turn to your wine cellar and expensive carpets.
Now imagine that you could have avoided all this water damage if you’d have an alarm had been triggered!
Water can be sneaky and have disastrous consequences if it drips silently unnoticed for a long time, and even an overflowing sink can cause significant damage.

The water detectors in our smart alarm systems provide reliable protection because Securitas Direct sounds the alarm even when there is water. The detectors react to water or other liquids as soon as they touch their contact point. If you are not at home at the time of the incident, we will take the necessary measures (after consulting with you) to ensure your home is warm and dry again upon your return. A good feeling, even when no one is home.

Use all the components of our alarm system and avoid high costs in the event of damages.

The advantages of the Securitas Direct security system at a glance:
  • Protection from break-ins: With an alarm system designed specifically for your needs, you can enjoy the best possible protection against break-ins.
  • Water sensors: Prevent water damage with strategically installed water detectors. The sensors trigger the alarm when they detect the presence of water or other liquids. You decide whether you or our operation centre is alerted in the event of an incident.
  • Fire protection: Depending on the installation, the sensors detect smoke, heat and CO₂. The alarm alerts both you and the operation centre, thereby protecting you from the inhalation of toxic smoke.
Your safety is our top priority.
Give yourself the best possible protection. Expert, no-obligation advices.

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