What type of alarm systems are there?

Individual needs must be taken into account when selecting a particular alarm system

The type of alarm system chosen should be adapted to the specifics of your property and its occupants, as well as provide the necessary scope of service. Because it’s not about just putting up a couple of cameras. The goal is to effectively protect your building. You can supplement your system with safeguards against break-ins using motion detectors and sensors, as well as smoke and water detectors. That’s why it is worthwhile calling in a professional who can conduct a safety analysis on site (building characteristics and the surrounding area) and draw up a security plan.

If you take your safety and security seriously, you shouldn’t try to sort it out yourself. Instead, consider using a professional alarm system. Receive a no obligation offer.

What should you look out for in an alarm system?

A great initial line of defence is to make your doors and windows more secure, which in turn helps keep out the burglars. These measures frequently turn out to be expensive and not instantly feasible. Burglars often break in through gratings in the basement that are not properly secured. The type of building influences the type of alarm system required. Whether you want to protect a house, a flat or even business premises, they each influence the type of alarm system you will need.

Are you renovating or designing a house? In this case a wireless system is probably best. Retrofitted wireless installations are quick to install and do not alter your home. In wireless alarm systems, wireless motion detectors communicate with sensors. The building type often dictates whether the system has to be wired or wireless, as do the number of motion detectors and sensors.

There are countless tempting and inexpensive wireless alarm system sets for sale in hardware stores and online. But how do you install the wireless security system properly? Where are you supposed to put the alarm siren or the wireless motion detector, alarm control panel and sensors?

It is tempting to put up some video cameras and watch the footage via your mobile phone or computer. But honestly, it’s not exactly easy to do when you’re at work, on holiday or at night. You’re probably better off with a modern alarm system that is connected to an alarm centre.

Where should the alarm alert go? To the siren with an audible alarm, to your smartphone or to a professional alarm centre? That depends entirely on whether you want to be responsible for monitoring the premises around the clock or if you want to hand this responsibility over to an alarm centre manned with professionals who will take care of this for you, even at night and whilst you’re away. Think about when you’re on holiday – the emergency call to the police won’t work and you would need to know the number of your police station. Your neighbour won’t always be available to handle things, and maybe they don’t want the stress of worrying about a break-in. If you’re connected to an alarm centre, your system can trigger a silent alarm – very useful if you’re threatened whilst at home.

Smart Home alarm systems for self-installation often only work via an Internet connection. Professional GSM alarm systems have a pre-installed SIM card that establishes a secure connection between your alarm system and the central monitoring station, and can then trigger the alarm.

The alarm goes off, and what now? If the audible or visual alarm goes off and nothing happens, the burglar can enter unhindered. That is why the intervention procedure must be clarified and organised beforehand, so that in an actual emergency action can be taken without delay (police or security service). If the alarm system is connected to an alarm centre, the alarm experts take care of everything.

Handheld transmitters designed for the easy control of your system can be a big plus in terms of everyday convenience. You can use a Tag Reader to switch the alarm system on or off, operate certain features and control them with the handheld transmitter. Or simply switch the alarm system on at the control panel with the touch of a button. Even an app on your mobile phone can come in handy. You can identify what comfort modules are important for you during your security consultation session.

It is not just the type of alarm system with hardware like cameras and motion detectors that play a decisive role in a real emergency situation. The entire system and service come into play: consultation, proper installation, warranty, maintenance, alerting, intervention in an actual emergency. Because it’s only when the intervention procedure has been clarified in advance that you can rest easy in an emergency.

If you would like to know what your security plan could look like, the next step is really easy: Free online security check.

Criteria for evaluating your alarm system


Professional alarm system

DIY alarm system




e.g. at Securitas Direct


hardware stores, online shops




Individual security plan




Type of installation


Wired or wireless system depending on the type of building


Mostly wireless


Types of alarm


Break-ins, fire, water damage




Suitable for


Flats, houses, businesses


Flats, houses (property)


Installed by


Certified installers, all the parts are properly installed




Instructions for use


On-site introduction and training




Remote monitoring


24/7 by the alarm centre




Technical support


24/7 by the alarm centre






24/7 by the alarm centre






5 years


2 years max




Included, even changing the battery, and updates






SIM card, via GSM to the alarm centre


Router via Internet




24/7 to the alarm centre


e.g. on a mobile phone, requires an Internet connection


Alarm processing


24/7 by the alarm centre






The alarm centre provides police and security services 24/7


Self-organisation (police station’s number ready to hand, neighbours, etc.)




The security service can, for example, organise locksmiths and glaziers








Installation fee Monthly service fee Securitas Direct price basis




Low-cost, starting at a few hundred francs

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